The Human Rights Champions so far...

The human rights champions in this project are or have been in prison or have died. Each has questioned the governance of their country. They have put their head above the parapet in the quest for information, transparency and social justice for their fellow citizens.


The project was started in October 2010 and since then some have been released from detainment. It is within the scope of this project to paint the actual portaits of those that are released. For this Paul Piercy travels to their home to meet and paint them.


You can access the story of each individual champion to the left and find out about their courageous struggle for human rights.


Lapiro de Mbanga  2013


Dr Binayak Sen  2011


Andrei Sannikov   2013

for Oleg Bebenin


Ali Abdulemam   2015


Guillermo Fariñas   2015

for Orlando Zaparta Tamayo


Binayak Sen Portrait oil on canvas email Lapiro de Mbanga finished portrait for emailing Andre Sannikov portrait email Ali Abdulemam portrait Guillermo Farinas email