Mahienour el-Masri


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Mahienour el-Masry  EGYPT Age 34


Human Rights Lawyer


Mahienour who is based in Alexandria works to promote judicial independence and prisoner’s rights.

She has been declared a Prisoner of Conscience by Amnesty International.

  On 22nd September 2019 Mahienour was arrested in Cairo and questioned on charges including “aiding a terrorist group in achieving its goals” and “spreading false news” in a case related to the March 2019 anti-government protest. The prosecutor ordered her detention in Al Qanatar women’s prison for 15 days pending investigations

  On 3rd November 2019 this was extended for a further 15 days.

  On 18th November 2019 it was again extended for 15 days.

  As of 6th February 2020 Mahienour is still behind bars.

Mahienour el-Masry has faced continued harassment from Egyptian authorities, including a 2 year sentence in 2014 for taking part in a protest, later reduced to 6 months, a preventative detention order in 2015 and a 1 year 3 month sentence upheld the same year in relation to a sit-in on police aggression. Then on 18th November 2017 she was arrested and charged with “insulting the President of the Republic” and  “thuggery”.

  In June 2014 Mahienour was awarded the Ludovic Trarieux International Human Rights Prize.

UPDATE: On 5 May 2020, the Criminal Court of Cairo renewed the detention of woman human rights defender Mahienour El-Masry in absentia for an additional 45 days.

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Mahienour el Masri oil on canvas email


oil on canvas 150cm x 110cm