Filep Karma  West Papua

Filep Karma is a prominent Papuan political activist and former Indonesian civil servant who is serving a 15 year prison sentence for raising a banned flag at a 2004 political rally. He is married and has two daughters. Filep Karma was arrested in December 2004 for organising and participating in a ceremony in Abepura, West Papua at which several hundred Papuans gathered to raise the Papuan Morning Star flag and celebrate the anniversary of the1961 Papuan Declaration of Independence from Dutch rule. His arrest, detention and trial violate Indonesian law and Indonesian obligations under international law.

                     FILEP KARMA WAS RELEASED ON 19th December 2015

                    FILEP KARMA Amnesty

                   FREE WEST PAPUA CAMPAIGN


Acknowledgement: An extensive use of images derived from Dominic Brown's captivating film

FORGOTTEN BIRD OF PARADISE made this particular portrait possible.

Filep Karma was released from prison on 19th November 2015 and yet unfortunately atrocities and torture by the Indonesian police continue against the indigenous population



oil on canvas   152cm x 107cm

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