Cu Huy Ha Vu  Vietnam


Cu Huy Ha Vu  is a prominent government critic and dissident in communist Vietnam.  He is the son and the nephew of two eminent poets. His father was a companion of Ho Chi Minh.

Vu studied in Paris for his law doctorate and runs a legal practice with his wife in Hanoi.

In July 2009 Vu filed a charge against Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on environmental, national security and cultural heritage grounds for permitting a Chinese owned company to mine for bauxite (the raw material for aluminium) in Tay Nguyen Central Highlands without due consultation. The Vietnam Supreme Court reject the lawsuit.

In October 2010 Vu’s law firm was in charge of representing the Catholics of Con Dau Parish in Da Nang who had been taken into custody during a police crackdown on a funeral ceremony at a cemetery due to be compulsorily closed to make way for a resort.

Vu was arrested on 5th November 2010 for ‘propaganda against the state’ and ‘plotting to overthrow the communist government of Vietnam’.



In April 2014 Vu was released from prison. It is believed the authorities released him because his high profile case was was scandalising the regime. He was asked to leave the country.was taken from prison to an airport and flown to Washington. USA

Cu Huy Ha Vu continues to campaign for human rights in Vietnam

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oil on canvas 152 cm x 107cm

Cu Huy Ha Vu oil on canvas 152 x 107cm emai